LOOK began in late 2004 when a group of adoptive parents and their friends wanted to do something for the many older children who are growing up in Chinese orphanages with little chance of ever being adopted.  Many of these parents just couldn't forget the sad faces of the children left behind at the SWIs when they were blessed with the opportunity to bring their own Chinese sons and daughters home.  The original goal of LOOK was simply to send "care packages" to encourage the children by letting them know there are people half a world away who are thinking of them.  As the project grew, however, so did the desire of the volunteers to expand the mission of LOOK to also include direct support for the broader needs of the children. This goal was met in 2006 when LOOK began working with a Chinese adoption agency, CCAI, to fund some of their charitable activities, and also through subsequent collaborations with and/or donations from other charities including Love Without Boundaries, Raising Hope International, and Project Orphan Blessing. 

LOOK is proud to have raised the funds to purchase many items needed by the children in our mission areas of Medical/Physical Needs, Educational/Training Needs, and Social/Emotional Needs (see 'Completed' page).  These items have included wheelchairs and hearing aids, surgeries for burn victims, bedding and clothes/shoes, recreational activities, school supplies and college scholarships, and much more, across 24 orphanages in many provinces across China.  LOOK also has sent indivdiual care packages to more than 2000 children.  

During the recession, our work unfortunately slowed, but with the economy appearing to be picking up, LOOK is getting ready to expand our work into a new phase, which we are referring to as "LOOK 2: Look to their future".  We are currently looking into new projects and opportunities to help the children.  Check back soon - - Together we can do so much more.