LOOK wants to help ensure that older orphans have a good chance for education or training in a career or trade, so they can function independently once they are grown and leave the orphanage.  Some children show talent in the area of music, art, or some other field - -The free education that the government provides to orphans does not include special funding to encourage development of these types of talents, nor does the government fund college for those orphans who have studied hard and managed to obtain entrance to a university program.  LOOK strives to provide training to nurture talents into a bright future, to provide education costs for those pursuing a college career who otherwise will not be able to see the fruition of their hard work, and to encourage orphanages to provide job training to prepare the children for employment when they are grown. 

LOOK also fundraises to provide older orphans with much-needed items such as:

* school bags or backpacks                                                                                                                           * bikes to ride when the school is too far for walking                                                                                 * desks and chairs for orphanage schools                                                                                                 * books and other school supplies                                                                                                               * computers to assist the children in their studies.