Children growing up in orphanages need to know that there are people thinking of and caring about them.  They need to have an environment that consists of more than white walls with no stimulation.  They need a birthday party on their special day and a chance to celebrate holidays.  They need to have appropriate and safe avenues for entertainment and interaction with other children, and they need a view of the world that they will one day be entering as young adults, often armed with little to help them get a start but their own skills and ingenuity.

To this end, LOOK fundraises to provide older orphans with assistance and items such as:

*  age-appropriate toys (e.g. jigsaw puzzles, balls, jumping ropes, sports equipment, etc)        
*  bright-colored murals on the walls or other room decorations                                                          *  arts and crafts supplies (e.g. paints and easels, knitting kits, etc.)
*  funding for birthday parties or special group outings for the children (e.g. to museums or             sports events).
*  purchase of televisions and DVD player with age-appropriate videos for group day rooms.