Volunteers and donors to LOOK have come from all over the United States, as well as several other countries including Canada, France, Argentina and China.   Some of them are adoptive parents with Chinese children themselves or older siblings of adopted children.  Some have adopted children who were older at the time of adoption and these children worry about their friends who were "left behind" and are still residing in the orphanages.  Some are just kind-hearted persons who see the great need of orphans and want to help.  The outpouring of love over the first 7 years of this project has shown the tremendous capacity of the human heart to care for others less fortunate then themselves! 

If you would like to become a volunteer or fundraise for LOOK-supported projects, please contact Jennifer Hope at Jennifer@LOOKProject.org.   Among other things, our volunteers conduct fundraising activities for important projects identified by LOOK and spread the word about LOOK including hosting local publicity efforts.  Volunteers have also donated their specific talents and expertise such as website support, creating arts and crafts for auctioning/sales with proceeds to support LOOK projects, manning a LOOK booth at an adoption or charity fair, and in translation of documents to/from Mandarin Chinese when needed.  Volunteers living in China have helped with identifying orphan needs, purchasing, packaging and delivering needed items and care packages.  If you want to volunteer, we will find a task for you!  Please note that LOOK is run completely by volunteers, with none receiving a salary.  So if you have a talent or just time you're willing to donate, we'd gratefully welcome your support!