If you give a man a fish, he will be full for one day, but if you teach him how to fish, he can feed himself many times.....

In China, children from orphanages are able to go to school through high school on government funding.  Few orphans, however, end up passing the rigorous examination required to go to college, and even if they do, the orphanages don't have money to pay their way.  When they leave the orphanage, their future is less than promising.  One of the goals of The LOOK Project is to assist orphans who have worked so hard and earned a place in college by offering a chance to further their education and change the course of their life. 

We are delighted that we we have been able to provide funding through sponsorships for 17 deserving high school students to attend college and seek a career.  Many of these students say they want to work hard to repay society for the kindness they have been given.  All 17 students were specifically selected by the CCAA (China's government agency that manages orphan affairs) based on the superior academic performance, to attend the Civil Affair Management College in Hunan.  LOOK and CCAI were able to support these students through the generosity of donors and sponsors.   The cost of the three-year college program for each student was about $1,800 a year per student, in equivalent U.S. dollars.  This included tuition, books, and room and board!   Such a small price to give these hard working young women and men a future!

This program currently does not need additional sponsorship or donations, but it may be started up again in future.  We thank all who helped to make it a success!