Luoyang orphanage, Henan province
This is a huge orphanage with over 200 older children in residence, some of them with more severe disabilities.  The building and facilities are in poor shape, including a hot water heating system that is old and doesn't function well, and thus they cannot afford to fund many of the basic items needed by their older orphans and asked The LOOK Project for assistance.  Thanks to many amazing and big-hearted donors, LOOK was able to meet all of the following needs for the children!
Medical/Physical Needs:
-  13 wheelchairs for non-ambulatory older children, some that were custom-made
    according to the needs of a specific child (for instance, a chair that provided extra
    head and upper body support for a child with cerebral palsy)
-  eye exams and eyeglasses for a 10 year old boy and a 10 year old girl
-  treatment/therapy and prosthetic limbs for two children who lost limbs prior to
    their arrival at the orphanage.   One was a 14-year old girl whose left upper arm was
    cut off in an accident involving machinery when she was very young - she was supplied
    with an artificial limb.  The other was an 18-year old boy who had been using crutches
    for years because he lost his leg following an infection.   He was supplied with a 
    lower artificial limb and therapy so that he could walk without crutches.
Educational/Training Neeeds:
-  86 desks and chairs to assist the children in their studies
-  26 bicycles for riding to school and/or for exercise for the children
In total, $6,602.00 were raised to meet these needs.