Jinan orphanage, Shandong province

Although this orphanage has 74 resident children between the ages of 7 and 18 years old, many with special needs, the director only requested assistance for two children , due to the seriousness of their medical need.  The first child was a 12-year old girl who had suffered severe and disfiguring burns to her face and hands prior to her arrival at the orphanage.  She had received one surgery on her eyes to allow them to shut completely when she slept, but her face and nose were still badly deformed and she needed additional extensive surgery to help normalize her appearance and reduce problems caused by scarring.  The second child was a 15-year old girl who also arrived at Jinan badly burned and deformed on both the left side of her face and both hands (one hand had only one finger remaining).  Her face and one hand needed extensive surgery to provide a better appearance and function.                                  

LOOK is overjoyed to report that funding was procured and the series of surgeries begun, both through generous donors, and also with support we had requested from China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) and Project Tomorrow, to provide these two burn victims with the plastic and reconstructive surgeries they so urgently needed.  In addition, we later received the wonderful news that an American family has requested to adopt the younger girl, and now her long-held dream to have a mother and father of her own (and a more promising future) are coming true!  Thanks to everyone who gave so much to help these two young girls!

The total cost to help both girls totaled $3,500.00.  Note that due to the sensitive nature of the girls' facial disfigurations, and with respect to their privacy, LOOK has chosen not to post pictures of the girls on our website.