Guigang orphanage, Guangxi province
The orphanage director of this poor orphanage, which has 14 children between the ages of 7 and 19 (many with special needs) asked The LOOK Project for help to fund some things that the older resident orphans immediately needed.  LOOK is delighted to report, due to the generosity of our donors and hard work of volunteer fundraisers (Thank you!), that we were able to wire funds to this orphanage to cover all the items listed below.
Physical Needs:
-  2 new pairs of winter shoes for each older child
-  2 new winter outfits for each older child
-  1 new winter blanket for each older child
-  1 new bed mattress for each older child
-  2 heating/cooling systems for the older children's orphanage classrooms
Educational/Training Needs:
-  salary for a teacher for a one-month arts and crafts class to teach skills to
   the resident older special needs children
-  2 sets of weaving looms for older special needs children to make crafts
-  13 backpacks and 1 bookbag for the older children to carry their school supplies
-  50 books for the children to read
-  10 sets of desks & chairs for the childrens' studies
-  10 developmental toy sets for motor skill development in older special needs
-  2 computers for the childrens' classroom
Social/Emotional Needs:
-  6 bicycles
-  a DVD player for the children's group recreational room
-  sports supplies, including basketballs, volleyballs, and badminton sets
The total funds that were raised to assist the children of Guigang orphanage were $5,027.50.  Pictures of the children from Guigang SWI receiving their gifts can be found on the "Pictures" main page of this website.