Fushun orphanage, Liaoning province
With 63 children total, 29 of whom are aged 7 to 19 years old, and few international adoptions taking place from this orphanage, it has minimal income to care for even the basic needs of the children.  This orphanage is a northern province so it gets very cold in the winter.  Thanks to everyone who helped LOOK fundraise so that we were able to supply the following items to the children.
Medical/Physical Needs:
-  corrective orthopedic shoes for a 15 year old boy
-  winter coats and snow pants for the older children
-  winter sweater and pant sets for the older children
-  winter shoes for the older children
Educational/Training Needs:
-  school supplies (colored pencils, CDs, calligraphy pen sets) for 6 children
-  2 computers for the children's classroom
-  an electronic English-Chinese translator to assist the children in learning English
Social/Emotional Needs:
-  a music tape-recorder
-  a DVD player for the children's group room
-  gym/sports outfits for 18 of the older children
-  tennis/sports shoes for 17 of the older children
-  transportation, tickets and other costs needed to take all the older children on a field trip
    to a special sea animal zoo.  These children rarely see much beyond the confines of their
    orphanage and such a field trip is an eye opening and possibly once-in-a-lifetime
    event for the children.
In total, The LOOK Project supplied $5,519.00 for the children of Fushun.  Pictures of the children from Fushun SWI receiving their gifts can be found on the "Pictures" main page of this website.