Hong Huagang orphanage, Guizhou province
The director of this SWI works very hard for the children, but he does not have adequate funding to meet all of their needs and this orphanage is located in one of the poorest provinces in China.  The LOOK Project is happy to announce that, due to big-hearted donors, we were able to wire money for all of the needs of the children of Hong Huagang listed below.  The children of this orphanage were a little warmer this winter, and had support for the medical and educational needs, because of your help.
Medical/Physical Needs:
-  hearing aids for a severely hearing-impaired 14 year old girl and 5 year old boy
-  a specialized wheelchair for a 16 year old girl
-  a hook-style prosthesis for a 12 year old girl who is missing her left hand
-  heating units for 3 of the older children's dormitory rooms that had previously only been
   heated by stoves during the cold winters.  This had posed a danger to the children since
   some of the children residing in these rooms had mental retardation.  The children are now
   safely warmed with the new heating units.
Educational Needs:
-  a computer to assist the older children with their school studies.
In total, $1,985.00 was fundraised and donated for the children of Hong Huagang.  We are waiting on pictures of the children receiving their gifts, and will post these on the website when they become available.