Zunyi orphanage, Guizhou province
This is one of the poorest provinces in China and this SWI is very poor.  They are without funds to support even some of the basic needs of the 29 school-aged children living there, many with special needs including a number of children who are blind.  The orphanage building itself is very old (built in 1952) and not in very good condition - - in fact, there is often no heating in the orphanage so it becomes very cold in the winter.   Of all of the orphanages that have been supported by The LOOK Project, this is among the most needy.  Thankfully, fundraising efforts were successful and we were able to purchase the following items to support the deserving children of Zunyi (also sometimes spelled Zhunyi) SWI.  Our heartfelt thanks to all who helped us to help the children.
Medical/Physical Needs Met:
-  2 wheelchairs (for a 12 year old boy who was seriously injured in a car accident, and
   for a 9 year old boy who was born with a limb disability)
-  new winter clothes, shoes, thermal shirts and blankets to keep all 29 children warm
   in the winter
Educational/Training Needs Met:
-  bookbags/backpacks for those 18 children who are attending school outside of the
-  6 bicycles needed for children to ride to school
-  a computer to assist the older children in their studies
Social/Emotional Needs Met:
-  TVs and DVD players for the children's two group day rooms.
The total funding supplied (in U.S. dollars) to purchase these items was $2,519.50.   Pictures of the children of Zhunyi SWI receiving their gifts can be found on the "Pictures" page.