Orphanages in Henan Province

Thanks to the hard work of one individual donor (see 'Leadville Run' on the "You Inspire" page), a generous donation from Families Blessed with the World's Children organization, and donations from several other individual donors including a lovely young girl who requested donations for her birthday in lieu of receiving gifts, LOOK has been able to give the older children from a number of very poor orphanages in Henan province supplies that they so desperately needed: Clothes, shoes, towels, soap, water cups, toothbrushes, school supplies, medicines, linens, coats, gloves, hats, bicycles, wheelchairs  ....and more.

To date, LOOK has spent more than $3000 (US dollars) to meet the needs of the children of Henan province orphanages.  Pictures of some of the children receiving their gifts can be found on the Pictures page.