History of the LOOK Care Packages Program

When LOOK began the care package program in early 2005, donors in the United States sent items to us for our Care Packages program, which we then repackaged and mailed to China, or else we bought the items with donated funds and shipped the care packages.  However, the mailing/shipping costs for this approach became too high and so in late 2007 we were thrilled to share the great news that thanks to some wonderful LOOK volunteers living in Shanghai, China, working with local nationals there, we were also able to purchase, package and deliver care packages from within China.  With this approach, we were able to purchase items at bulk prices and reduce mailing costs significantly, and thus to bring joy to even more children! (see "Shanghai volunteers" tab to the left).  In 2006, some of our LOOK Shanghai Care Package program volunteers, who also volunteer with Love Without Boundaries charity (click on "Friends" of LOOK), raised funds to provide over 2100 warm coats for the children growing up in orphanages all over China (see picture below). 

We also have been able to work with another charity, Project Orphan Blessing, who ships to China cost-effectively.  Through this charity, we shipped hundreds of care packages in late 2008 (see "2008 care packages" tab to the left). 

By working together, we have made a difference!