Fuzhou SWI, Jiangxi Province

Fuzhou orphanage has 24 older, resident children between the ages of 7 and 18.  These children have now received support from LOOK with the following purchases funded by our donors' generosity!:


8 wheelchairs for nonambulatory older children, 5 sets of crutches

24 pairs of lighter-weight shoes, and 24 pairs of winter-weight shoes

48 winter clothes outfits.


3 bikes for children to ride to school

10 study desks, 10 school backpacks, 10 sets of school supplies and books


3 25-inch TV sets and DVD players for the 3 group rooms for the children's recreational time

30 age-appropriate DVDs

The total spent in U.S. dollars to fund the needs of the children at Fuzhou orphanage was $2,747.00.