In December 2007-January 2008, a group of LOOK volunteers in Shanghai purchased, packaged, and mailed more than 1000 care packages to older children residing in Chinese orphanages.   These volunteers included both foreigners living in China (from the U.S., France, and Argentina) and local nationals, coming together as a multi-national team to help the children.  Among other items, these care packages included paper and colored markers, an individual rice bowl and chopstick set, a drinking cup, a hair comb, a toothbrush, shampoo, a hand towel, and a manicure set for each child.

We are so very grateful for these volunteers and their hard work on behalf of LOOK and the children!  Thanks to them, there were a lot more smiles on the faces of older orphanage children during an especially cold winter in China.  Click on the "Pictures" tab to the left to see some of the children receiving their care package gifts.