Qian Dong Nan Zhou Orphanage, Guizhou Province

There are 24 children living at this orphanage who are aged 7 to 18; specifically, there are 11 girls aged 7 to 12, 11 boys aged 7 to 12, and 2 girls aged 13 to 18.  The below items have now been funded to support these children, thanks to the generosity of LOOK supporters:

Medical/Physical Needs:                                                                                                                                 - 2 air conditioner/heater units for the older children's rooms                                                                 - 24 pairs of new shoes (one pair for each older child)                                                                             - 24 new winter-weight clothes outfits (one outfit for each older child)                                                   - 24 new summer-weight clothes outfits (one outfit for each older child)

Educational/Training Needs:                                                                                                                          - 14 sets of basic tables/desks and chairs for the children's studies                                                    - 14 small lamps for the children's study tables                                                                                         - 14 school backpacks for the children                                                                                                         -  2 computers with all the peripherals for the older children's studies

The total funds that have been spent to support the needy older children of the Qian Dong Nan Zhou Orphanage to date: $4,850.01.  See the Pictures page for pictures of some of the items purchased.