Ansley's Birthday 

"We adopted Ansley when she was 10 months old.   We adopted a baby, as the bulk of adoptive parents do.   There is a share of toddler adoptions too, but what about the Chinese children who have grown beyond the baby and toddler years and are still living in orphanages?   Honestly, we had never thought alot about the older children.  We had seen their faces in group orphanage photos, but our eyes were always drawn to the smaller, younger faces.  As we read about the work of LOOK, we became aware of the needs of these older children.  They are all so beautiful, precious and unique.

As a family, we decided that LOOK would be a great choice for Ansley's 3rd birthday.  In her invitation, we asked all of her guests to forego a gift and instead, bring a donation for the work of LOOK.  We had Ansley's party at Gymboree and had so much fun!   We set up Ansley's Love Tree and her guest hung their gifts of love on the tree.  Many of our friends hope to 'copy' our idea for their childrens' future birthdays.  Our children are so blessed and live a life of love and comfort that some of China's older orphanage children may never know.  We hope that our gift to LOOK will bring smiles to a few faces in China. God Bless."

                          Happy Birthday, Ansley! You inspire us!