"I'm a long-time admirer of work done [by an adoption agency/charity] to get families together in adoptive homes and trying to better the lives of those children still seeking parents in the People's Republic of China.  But until recently, we were 'cheering from the sidelines' so to speak.

I happened to hear a radio report of the rapidly increasing price of rice on the world market.  The price had more than doubled since the beginning of the year and continued to increase.  Coincidently, we received (a charity] publication that mentioned LOOK.  I got to thinking about the impact of the rising price of food on the children they work to help.

I [found the website for] LOOK, [and their work] for older children, those whose chances of placement are very low despite all they have to offer.  It made me wish I had the ability to enlarge our family further, but time and economics make that nearly impossible.

For the younger children, there [are charity programs] that allow participants to sponsor a child for a monthly contribution.... I decided to contribute to LOOK as if there was such a program. (Editor's note:  this inspiring donor set up her account to send an automatic monthly contribution to support LOOK's work for the children) 

I hope others can find a way to help make the lives of the older children a little better with a regular contribution to The LOOK Program.

- Chris" (below are her adopted daughters)

Thank you, Chris!

You Inspire Us!