From early 2005 to 2010, the "care packages program" sent gift items and supportive notes to more than 2,000 children residing in Chinese orphanages.  Some of the orphanages care packages were sent to:

Wanzai SWI, Jiangxi Province                                             Cenxi SWI, Guangxi Province
Tai'An SWI, Shangdong Province                                        Lu'An SWI, Anhui Province
MuDanJiang SWI, Heilong Province                                    Guiping SWI, Guangxi Province
Zhumadian SWI, Henan Province                                        Xining SWI, Qinghai Province
Anshan Liaoning SWI, Liaoning Province                          Zunyi SWI, Guizhou Province
Fushun SWI, Liaoning Province                                           Shiyan SWI, Hubei Province
Jinan SWI, Shandong  Province                                           Hong Huagang SWI, Guizhou Province
Guiyang SWI, Guizhou Province                                           Guigang SWI,  Guangxi Province
Shan Men Xia SWI,   Henan Province                                  FuZhou SWI, JiangXi Province
Jing De Zhen SWI,  JiangXi Province                                  An Qing SWI, Anhui Province
Tongling SWI, Anhui Province                                               Luoyang SWI, Henan Province
Qian Dong Nan Zhou SWI,  Guizhou Province                                                                
NanYang SWI, Henan Province

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